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You’ve likely found yourself humming one of her radio hits like Easy Go and Bad Habits, which currently have more than 40 million combined plays on Spotify.

Now, Manitobans can watch singer-songwriter Delaney Jane perform live at the Red River Ex on June 22. 

Growing up, Jane appreciated all forms of music, listening to everything from electronic to punk-rock to classical. Living in a broken home pushed her toward writing poetry as an escape and form of expression.

“That turned into a means of creating art that not only resonates with me on a personal level but also with other people who are going through the same thing,” she says. “As I move through different waves in life, I’m inspired by what’s happening and what I’m living.”

While she describes her current sound as pop with an electronic influence, she doesn’t put herself in a box, focusing on telling stories with a fresh, unique sound. “Good music is good music. I’ve never existed in boxes or boundaries. With my music, I love experimenting with sounds and genre-bending.”

Delaney Jane takes the stage at The Ex on June 22nd

Jane saw her big break after moving to Toronto at age 18, where she met longtime collaborator Shaun Frank. “That meeting would change my entire world.” 

She started spending time in the studio with Frank, who gave her the opportunity to collaborate with EDM duo Lush & Simon. “It was so new, but that single collaboration catapulted me into so many other opportunities. Next thing I knew, I was doing songs with Grandtheft, Tiesto and Adventure Club, to name a few.”

After collaborating with other artists and travelling the world, she knew it was time to tell her own story. For two years, she worked tirelessly on her debut studio album, 2019’s Dirty Pretty Things

Continuing to weave her life, experiences and emotions into her music, she is now in the process of finishing new songs that will soon hit Canadian airwaves.

“To this day, it’s still my baby. Those 13 songs pretty much tell the story of my life thus far. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my fans because I haven’t toured since last summer,” she says. “I always feel so at home with my Canadian family.”

Winnipeg holds a special place in her heart, particularly after her last visit, when her flight was delayed, and she landed at the airport at 2 a.m., exhausted and alone. 

Delaney Jane Matinee Music Video

“I went down the escalators [to the baggage area] and heard, ‘Delaney!’” she recalls. “I looked up and saw a young man with a sign with my name on it. We ended up hanging out at the airport—it was so sweet and one of my most cherished moments on tour…It’s the perfect example of how I feel about Winnipeg.”

A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Jane looks forward to hitting the midway and noshing on snacks like candied apples and French fries at the Ex.

“I can’t think of a better atmosphere to perform in—the energy will be very special,” she says. 

“I’m extra excited to share some unreleased music at this performance and will always stick around for hugs and to meet you one-on-one.”

Catch Delaney Jane live at The Loop Stage on Thursday, June 22, at 8 p.m. Check out our full music schedule featuring more than 200 hours of live music.

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