Escape the daily grind and let your adrenaline run wild at The Red River Exhibition, returning to Winnipeg from June 16-25th. This year at The Ex, North American Midway Entertainment has unleashed a wave of electrifying new rides that will leave you breathless and running back into line.

From kid’s rides featuring spinning teacups and flying elephants to the gravity-defying X-Drive, this year’s Ex is packed with more than 50 rides for every type of thrill seeker. So, fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight, and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey this summer.

In addition to your favourites, the Ex will showcase six new rides this year, including:

  • X-Drive
  • Outlaw Roller Coaster
  • Parker City Saloon
  • Rockin’ Tug
  • Jumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Teacups
The X-Drive is set to take Winnipeggers for a wild ride

Winnipeggers will be the first in North America to have a chance to try out the X-Drive. Fresh off a journey from Europe by ship across the ocean, it will make its North American debut at The Red River Ex!

“The X-Drive hurls 16 riders through an exhilarating and electrifying ride experience that provides head over heels excitement. Riders will go on a rotating, tumbling and spinning journey up to 60 feet in the air,” says Greg Korek of North American Midway Entertainment, known throughout the industry as Scooter.

“It’s a midway thrill seeker’s dream come true!”

The new Outlaw Roller Coaster is here

The new Outlaw Roller coaster will attract even the most hardened coaster enthusiasts with its high-intensity track, sure to be the source of many loud, joyful screams at this year’s Ex. The new coaster joins fan favourites Ring of Fire and the Crazy Mouse, bringing the total to three roller coasters.

Over in Kiddieland, the young ones will have plenty of exciting choices, with more than 20 kid-themed rides consisting of returning favourites and new ones, such as Jumbo The Flying Elephant.

According to Scooter, the elephant ride has proven extremely popular at other fairs down south in the US.

Jumbo the Flying Elephant is one of four new Kiddieland rides

“(Jumbo the Flying Elephant) is not a normal kiddie ride. This is going to be the future of kiddie rides! It encompasses about twice the space as a typical kiddie ride and holds 20 passengers, so Mom and Dad can join the kids. We launched it at the Miami-Dade County Fair earlier this year, and it placed near the very top of our kiddie rides.”

Scooter travels tirelessly throughout North America, helping run the North American Midway Entertainment tour as it stops in more than 150 communities throughout the US and Canada. He says that the Red River Ex is among the top 20 highest-performing fairs on the continent in terms of attendance.

“The Red River Exhibition has always put on an extremely good presentation. And the draw of 220,000 people or 250,000 people a year is right up there within our top 20 fairs. It’s always refreshing to go to Winnipeg. It’s got such nice grounds, and it’s really accessible for us. Ever since we moved out to the new location at Red River Exhibition Park in 1997, we’ve turned it into a really great family experience.”

Beyond the adrenaline rush of over 50 top-notch thrill rides, The Ex offers much more. With a massive slate of free attractions, live music, food, games, and entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

The new Rockin’ Tug ride will grab the kids’ attention this year

So, gather your loved ones, pack your sense of adventure, and head to The Red River Ex for the best rides in Winnipeg. Whether you’re a daredevil seeking the ultimate thrill with The X-Drive, The Fireball or The Star Dancer or simply looking for a day of wholesome fun in Kiddieland with your family, The Red River Ex has it all.

For more info on this year’s rides, check out our rides page.

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