We are embarking on an exciting expansion and development of Red River Exhibition Park which will now be known as the Red River District.

The rebranded Red River District provides our community with a destination event and entertainment area where business thrives, guests are entertained, locals shop, visitors are welcomed and the environment is celebrated. Red River District will offer a wide range of amenities for businesses, their employees and all visitors who choose to visit.

Ample space allows for extra wide parking stalls to accommodate larger vehicles, two recreational lakes provide a home for wildlife and nesting birds, walking trails offer a quick exercise break for a mid-afternoon refresher and the active transportation corridor will connect the Red River District to Portage Avenue and Main Street.

The build out of the Red River District will include the following:

Westport Festival is a new retail and commercial development with one million square feet of proposed building area on 70 acres of land.

A local developer, together with the Red River District, will work to attract new business to Winnipeg by promoting and marketing this new commercial development.

The Red River Business Park provides opportunity for small and medium size businesses to create a healthy working environment for employees, provide convenient access for clients and allow businesses to upgrade their current facilities to meet their growing needs.

The current two tenants include the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba the Festival Early Learning and Child Care Centre.

Future expansion of Exhibition Place involves a build-out of our existing 40,000 square foot Exhibition building.

The current facility hosts over 200 days of mid-size events as well as both industrial and consumer trade shows. It is expected that the physical expansion of the building combined with our unique flat indoor and outdoor space would allow the Red River District to attract national and international events looking to take advantage of our diverse facilities.

Red River Meadows, our premier horse-jumping facility, is one of the best in the province.

Built for the 1999 Pan Am Games, the show rings and newly constructed stabling facilities provide significant opportunity to showcase this unique sport right in Manitoba, the heart of the continent.

Expanded equine services, coupled with Winnipeg’s new International airport, make this the perfect venue for attracting world-renowned competitions and shows.