Living Green will feature a wide variety of local vendors, services, natural products, and more all ideal for green living! Here’s a full list of who you can expect to see at this year’s event*. Click on their name for more information on each vendor!

Anthologie by Ayoko Design

Anthologie is an independent publisher and multidisciplinary design studio in Winnipeg. They provide brand consulting, creative direction, graphic design, website design, printing, interior design and publishing services.

Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery

Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery is a family-owned business located in Manitoba, Canada. They specialize in producing top-quality honey, mead and bee products.

Belvidere Soap Company

Belvidere Soap Company is a local business specializing in natural, traditional soaps and skincare products. Using a variety of natural ingredients Belvidere brings you handmade soap and body products to nourish your skin, naturally.

BGP Environmental Group

BGP Environmental Group strives to inform and inspire their customers with the latest in health innovative products. They provide superior quality air purification, water treatment and rubber systems throughout home and office environments that help protect their customers.

Brie’s Botanicals

Brie’s Botanicals is a small, handcrafted Winnipeg aromatherapy business consisting of Brie and Bryce. They take pride in ensuring that the utmost attention, care, and love are put into their products for your body and household needs.

Canada’s Local Gardener

Lifestyle 55 and Canada’s Local Gardener will be at Living Green! Teaching you everything you need to know about plants, animals, and how to maintain a beautiful garden.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is Canada’s only charity dedicated to the protection of public land, freshwater, and ocean, with a strong presence around the country. CPAWS is Canada’s voice for the wilderness.

Capital K Distillery

Capital K Distillery is Manitoba’s first family owned and operated producer of handcrafted spirits. Featuring a variety of products, such as Tall Grass spirits, Capital K Distillery takes pride in selecting only the best Manitoba grown produce for their craft spirits.

Clover Honey Pot

Clover Honey Pot provides a variety of skin care and home products using all-natural ingredients with an emphasis on honey. Enrich your soul and nourish your skin with Clover Honey Pot.

Country Classics Furniture

Country Classics Furniture is a family-owned and operated business. They offer high-quality furniture using cedar to make beautiful and unique products, among other amazing pieces.

Ditchfield Soils

Ditchfield Soils is your trusted partner for all your landscaping needs. Ditchfield Soils offers an extensive range of high-quality products to help you transform your outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes.

Dr. Beetroot

Discover the magic of beets, nature’s most colourful superfood. Dr. Beetroot has a variety of beet products aimed at making your life and your cooking healthier and tastier!

Dyna-Pro Environmental

Dyna-Pro Environmental is a trusted name in water purification, featuring top-tier water purification equipment. We are best recognized for our exclusive line of Ultra-Pure™ self-serve water dispensers, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Enviroclean provides a waste-elimination process that incorporates unparalleled environmental benefits. Their process helps remove 100 tons of methane gas from landfills annually, reducing greenhouse gasses and protecting the environment.


Epicure is your go-to place for delicious meals and incredible spices and seasonings to take your cooking to the next level. From dips to broths, and drinks to desserts, there’s something here for every cook!

Freezed (Freeze Dried Candy)

Get ready to experience candy in a whole new way! Freeze dried candies are everywhere on social media and now they’re at Living Green. Take a bite of these delicious snacks and fall in love with your favourite candies all over again.

Gift Shop

Get some wonderful goodies and souvenirs at the Gift Shop.

Glass by Heather

Glass by Heather features some of the most beautiful gifts and art pieces made out of glass. Heather and her creations have been featured in a variety of news outlets and publications and we’re so excited to have her here at Living Green!

Green Action Centre

Green Action Centre is your place to learn how to live green everyday. Their primary areas of work are green commuting, composting and waste reduction, sustainable living and resource conservation. Check out their booth to learn more!

Green Rabbit Farms

Fall in love with the magic of mushrooms with Green Rabbit Farms! Based in Erickson, MB, Green Rabbit Farms sells a variety of products including fresh and dried mushrooms, mushroom tinctures, and a DIY mushroom grow kit.

Hepburn Enterprises Inc.

Hepburn Enterprises Inc. offers affordable parts, maintenance, repairs, and sales of heavy material handling equipment – forklifts, Skid Steer Loaders, Aerial Lifts and more.


HEYRU is a shop specializing in the highest quality food, health, and cosmetic products. These products are ethically-sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada. Their products are also Earth-friendly, 100% natural, and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

Horizon Storage Sheds

Horizon Storage Sheds specializes in high quality storage sheds. Since 2009, Horizon’s quality craftsmanship has earned them a reputation of providing customers with the best, from customer service, to production and installation. Stop by at Living Green and learn more about their sheds!


LeafFilter Gutter Protection provides the best gutter cover solution paired with outstanding customer service from beginning to end. Find them at Living Green to learn how to better protect your home!

L’Esprit Sage

L’Esprit Sage provides amazing gifts and gift boxes filled with local, high quality items. Delicious food, natural soaps, essential oils and more, these Made in Manitoba items make a great gift for every occasion!

Long Way Homestead

Long Way Homestead is a fibre farm and wool mill family owned and operated in eastern Manitoba. Long Way Homestead focuses on sustainable and ethical methods of farming and producing fibre, and its importance when producing wool products.


MaenDecks is a family owned business founded in 2014 here in Winnipeg. Joel and Nathan are pros in creating beautiful decks built to last and impress. Say hi at Living Green and discuss your project with MaenDecks.

Northern Grove

Northern Grove is serving Manitobans who want to restore a healthy relationship with the Earth through work with trees and permaculture. Northern Grove recognizes the importance of trees and provides several tree services with sustainability in mind.

North Hill Microgreens

Discover the power of micro greens! North Hill Microgreens offers a variety of locally produced micro greens year-round.

Off the Wall Greenscapes

Off the Wall Greenscapes is a Winnipeg-based business specializing in beautiful, high-quality living green wall installations and products. These walls are perfect to enhance the aesthetics and well-being of businesses and residential environments.

Peachy Green Events

Peachy Green Events are here to help you with your next event. From a la carte event planning services, coordination packages, event styling and more, they’re able to make sure your next event looks as impressive as you want it to be!

Practical Homestead

Reduce, reuse, recycle a bit differently. Practical Homestead is here to help you find new reusable solutions to help reduce waste. Embrace eco-friendly living with Practical Homestead!

Prairie Cricket Farms

Get your protein in a whole different way! Prairie Cricket Farms are creating sustainable protein with cricket powder. Check out their cricket powder supplements and snacks and get your protein in a sustainable way.

The Prairie Garden

The Prairie Garden is a gardening book published annually since 1937 by a volunteer committee and is a non-profit organization.

Recycle Everywhere

Recycle Everywhere will be at Living Green to inform and educate on the importance of recycling and how you can reduce your impact. Get helpful tips, learn about where your recycling goes, and get everyone involved in recycling, everywhere!

The Stak Co

The Stak Co is taking beans and legumes to a whole new level. Discover a new way to get your protein that’s sustainable, healthy, local and delicious!

Tasty Heat’s

Tasty Heat’s is a local hot sauce company producing a wide range of hot sauces suitable for many tastes and many dishes! Check out their booth at Living Green and add some spice to your next meal.

Tin Sign City

Tin Sign City offers UV resistant tin signs, and custom t-shirts and drinkware.

T&T Seeds

Build your perfect garden with T&T Seeds. Find the perfect seeds, whether they’re vegetable, flower, perennial or more! Learn how to grow each seed to its full potential and grow the garden of your dreams this spring.

Whispering Oaks Greenhouse

Whispering Oaks Greenhouse offers a variety of plants including fruits, vegetables, annuals, and more. Based in Warren, Manitoba, Whispering Oaks Greenhouse is a local greenhouse dedicated to making your gardens shine.

Whiteshell Chairs

Whiteshell Chairs is a custom furniture manufacturer providing premium quality products for the hospitality and food service industry. Whiteshell Chairs is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products at affordable pricing.

Worm Tea Gardening

Grow the most beautiful plants with worm tea, for plants! Worm Tea Gardening is introducing people to the wonders of worm tea, which is made by brewing worm castings in cold water over time. Check out their booth at Living Green and learn how Worm Tea can make your lawn and garden flourish.

*All vendors subject to change without notice.