Shop for fun and exciting treasures, support local businesses and find a bunch of wonderful surprises and experiences inside Exhibition Place at The Red River Ex!

Shopper’s Market

Exhibition Place is full of excitement! Discover local vendors and their booths full of clothing, accessories, jewelry, household products, delicious treats, and more!

Meet the Dog Breeds

Meet the furriest and friendliest dogs around! Join responsible purebred dog breeders and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and their canine companions and learn about the dogs they know and love.

Creative Competitions

Let your creativity fly with our annual Creative Competitions! If you’re a photographer, quilter, and/or an artist, enter today to win money!

Baby Change and Nursing Station

Thanks to GNR Camping World for providing a quiet place for parents to go to change and feed their little ones. A station is located in Exhibition Place and in Kiddieland.

Phone Charging Booth

We’ve got two spots to charge up your phones! Remember to bring your own cables and charging bricks!

More Attractions

There’s so much to see and do at The Ex! Click a link below to find out what’s going on around Exhibition Park.


From escape artists, magicians, dog shows, and the best in children’s entertainment, check out the shows you can find at this year’s Red River Ex!

Around the Park

There’s so much to do this year at The Ex. Learn more about all the activities and entertainers you can expect to see!

The Loop

The Loop is Manitoba’s home for harness racing, and so much more! Check out all the great events you can experience here!