Photo Salon

Click here to download a hard copy of the 2020 Photo Salon entry form or enter online using the form below. NOTE: You will be instructed to pay your entry fee with Paypal at the end of the form.

Red River EX Photo Salon

  • You may enter using this form. The Paypal payment "SUBMIT" feature at the end can accept category payments for all three categories: Digital Projected Images, Monochrome Category and Colour Category. The charge is $5.00 CDN per category with a maximum of four (4) submissions per category.
  • Step 1:


    Step 2:

    Digital Projected Image - Max. 4 images ($5 total)
  • The file size should be 1400 px wide for horizontal (landscape) or 1050 px high for vertical (portrait) images and not to exceed 2 MB. Images that exceed these dimensions will automatically be resized. Images must be in jpeg format and SRGB colour space.

  • Print Categories
    Click this link to download a copy of the brochure for full details.

    The section below is for entrants using the PayPal feature to pay the entry fee for the print categories. This is not an entry form but a reference list for the Photo committee to match prints to the PayPal listing. For the categories below, please include the titles of the photos you are mailing in or hand delivering. This way we will be able to match your online payment with your photos. All mailed in and hand delivered entries must be accompanied by a completed printed entry form.

    Photos in the following two categories must be mailed or hand delivered to:

    Red River Exhibition Association
    3977 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB R3K 2E8

    * Please include return postage for return mailing. Mailed entries without return postage will not be returned. * If you are not using this feature, continue on to STEP 3.
  • Monochrome Print Category - Max. 4 prints ($5 total)


    Colour Print Category - Max. 4 prints ($5 total)

  • STEP 3:

    Review all information above to ensure it is correct, then proceed to STEP 4.
  • STEP 4:

    Enter the total number of categories you have entered (Maximum 3 categories). Reminder - Categories include: Digital, Monochrome and Colour.
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD Quantity:
    Remember: the cost to enter each category (Digital, Monochrome, Colour) is $5.00 CAD per category. If you entered all three categories your max. payment would be $15.00 CAD.
  • The Red River Ex Photo Salon is happy to return your entries to you, however, you are responsible for return postage. Please visit a post office, purchase pre paid stamps and include them in your package. Upon completion of the contest we will use your prepaid postage to send back your items.
  • STEP 5:

    Submit your entry.
  • Please note: the uploading process may take a few minutes depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection.

    When your submission is complete a PayPal page will appear. Complete all necessary fields and submit. Your entry is complete. An auto reply will be sent to your email address when your entry has been received.

    Thank you and good luck!

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Photo Salon Contest Winners

Special thanks to the following organizations who have recognized the importance of this Salon in Canada.
The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
The Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Prairie Region of Photographic Art