Red River Heritage Park


Location: North of EXpressway

Welcome to Red River Heritage Park and the new home of early area settlers, “The Ross Family.”

The year is 1824 and The Ross’ have just begun to build a home and future farming community.

The Ross’ would love to have you GET UP CLOSE and help with the daily chores and tasks they need to accomplish before the long, hard, cold winter ahead.  You’ll be able to take in demonstrations and activities like weaving, cooking, sewing, planting small crops, working with period appropriate livestock, leather working, music, metis beading, blacksmithing and woodworking.  Stop by often as they have different chores to complete everyday and you’ll never know who will stop by RRHP to visit.

Be sure to ask lots of questions about what life is like for them, what’s difficult after making the long journey from the Hudson’s Bay area and how they are going to go about building a home for their family and shelter for their animals.

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