Continental Stock Dog Championship

  • Date: Friday, June 20 to Sunday, June 22
  • Location: North Show Ring

Talk about animal instincts!

The second annual Continental Stock Dog Championship hits the Red River Ex.

Watch as dogs and their handlers make their way to Winnipeg to compete for over $14,000 in prize money.  The Grand Champion of the competition takes home $10,000 cash!   It is anticipated that 30-50 dogs and their handlers will make their way from Saskatchewan, Alberta, rural Manitoba and the United States to compete in the second year of this prestigious and very popular event.

This timed competition challenges handlers and their stock dogs to move three sheep through a set course and into a pen, in the fastest time.  A handler and dog keeping the sheep under control and on course can save valuable seconds.  See these expert handlers control their dogs, either through whistle or voice commands. The handler must stay in the circle until all the sheep have come through the chute. The time is stopped when all the sheep are in the pen and the gate is closed.

2013 Sheep Dog Champion:  Campbell Forsyth and Meg from Ericksdale, Manitoba
2013 Sheep Dog Reserve Champion:  Kaelene Forsyth and from Ericksdale, Manitoba
Note:  Kaelene went onto win the 2013 World Stock Dog Championship at the Calgary Stampede

2013 Cattle Dog Champion:  Kelly Gale and Bess from Yankton, South Dakota


We are extremely pleased to welcome Art Unsworth as our esteemed announcer for this Annual Continental Stock Dog Championship!  Art hails from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and has been the voice for many sheepdog trials such as the Meeker Sheepdog Classic held in Colorado, the Western Canadian Nationals, The Canadian Nationals, the Calgary Shoot-Out Stock Dog Challenge and the Canadian Western Agribition and several Regional Sheepdog Trials. Art has over 40 years of experience announcing sheepdogs trails and we are privileged to have a man of his caliber announce this inaugural event.